We support healthy development of mind and
body of children through school lunches.

Through school meals Children's mind and body I will support a healthy growth


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Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Association for Improving School Lunch

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We, at Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Association for Improving School Lunch, carry out research and study of the status of school lunches and lunch materials as well as improve and supply such lunches. At the same time, we subsidize the school lunch business, promote dietary education regarding healthy growth of school children and school lunches. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the development and improvement of the school lunch business and of sound mental and physical growth of school children.

Description of operation

This foundation carries out the following projects primarily to promote school lunches and dietary education.

  • Dietary education project
    • Activities regarding promotion of dietary education
    • Providing subsidies related to the school lunch business
    • Activities such as research and study regarding the situation surrounding school lunches
    • Research and study regarding school lunch materials and their supply
    • Other
  • School lunch skim milk supply project


November 1, 1960

The foundation was established by the nine proposers including Fujimaro Kubota, who founded the school lunch project at the then Ministry of Education, Kunitaro Arimoto, the director of the National Institute of Nutrition (currently National Institute of Health and Nutrition), and Giichi Ariyoshi, the president of SN Foods Co., Ltd., as a private organization that contributes to the improvement and enhancement of school lunches in Japan.

July 9, 1962

Approved by the Education Minister as an incorporated foundation in accordance with Article 34 of Civil Code.

March 25, 2011

Approved by the Prime Minister as a public interest incorporated foundation in accordance with stipulations by Article 44 of the Act on Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundation.

April 1, 2011
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Association for Improving School Lunch was established.

Purport of the establishment

Provision of school lunches in Japan was officially started in 1941 by an order of the Ministry of Education, but was temporarily suspended due to the start of the Pacific War. It was resumed after the war in 1946 by an official notice by vice ministers of the three Ministries of Education, Welfare and Agriculture and Forestry, titled “Encouragement of school lunch promotion.”

With the U.S. government also providing assistance from 1950 onwards, the program evolved to a complete lunch system but the Government Appropriation for Relief in Occupied Area Fund (GARIOA), which was the source of the assistance, was discontinued in the end of June 1951.

The School Lunch Program Act was enacted and promulgated in June 1954 and the implementation structure for school lunches was established by the act and has become part of education now as a result of the relentless efforts of the Ministry of Education. In fiscal year 1960 the school lunches were in danger of being discontinued due to various reasons, and there has been a great struggle in implementation of school lunches.

School lunches have been making immeasurable contributions in education such as improving the physique of students who are our next generation, reforming dietary lifestyle, and spreading nutrition knowledge.

Going forward, domestic public and private sectors should cooperate and support school lunches and we need to study safe and inexpensive supply of high quality and nutritious school lunch ingredients primarily produced in Japan and smoothly implement complete school lunch from the country’s unique standpoint to further improve the effectiveness of school lunches.

The Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Association for Improving School Lunch in the title was established with that objective.

November 1, 1960
Founder president Fujimaro Kubota

Japanese School Lunches

Publication of the “Japanese School Lunches” brochure in English

In 2010, Japanese School Lunches was revised after 56 years, as the objective of school lunches was reviewed from the perspective of dietary education.

Its contents not only encourages having lunch together with the other students in the classrooms but also position school lunches as part of education, having school children learn a nutritionally balanced dietary lifestyle, appropriate hygiene management and handing down of dietary culture through school lunches.

We, at the foundation, wish to contribute to the development of the sound mind and health of children around the world by introducing this magnificent school lunches of Japan to the world, and therefore we are introducing the Japanese school lunches to children around the world to provide this to people overseas as part of that objective.

“Japanese School Lunches” brochure

This A-4 double-sided brochure illustrates Japanese school lunches with many photos.

Download (PDF:0.43MB)

Sukoyaka newsletter

“Sukoyaka newsletter vol. 18”

For the sound growth and wellbeing of our children: Actions to Prevent Food Allergy-related Accidents in School Lunches To enable all school children to enjoy their school lunches with peace of mind

Download (PDF:1.76MB)

“Sukoyaka newsletter vol. 17”

For the sound growth and wellbeing of our children: The role of milk and dairy products in school

Download (PDF:1.05MB)